Google Android @ Home Announced

We certainly have had some interesting announcements for Google today, the latest one is called Android @ Home, and Google has unveiled the Android @ Home framework.

The Android @ Home framework is designed to transform an Android device into a home automation controller, that can be used to control a range of devices around the home, from games consoles, to appliances and lights.

Android @ HomeAs part of the Android @ Home system, Google has announced project tungsten, which is a hub than runs Android and the Android @ Home framework, and some of the features of the tungsten hub include the ability to stream music directly from Music Beta by Google.

Android @ Home is completely open, and developers are able to develop for the framework without any fees, so we can expecting to see some interesting things from Android @ Home in the future.

Source BGR


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  • Shane Cormier

    This is just a home invasion scam is what it is. Its going to give Google (Big Nanna) the access to spy on your every move in your own home.

  • Chris Lamb

    @Shane Cormier, ABSOLUTELY! I couldn’t have said it better myself! You took the words right out of my mouth! These ppl are sick & pathetic~ I guess spying on us using our cell phones & computers just isn’t good enough for these control freak sickos.