DrawBraille Ultimate Braille Smartphone Concept

Earlier this week we brought you an unique design which was app called the BrailleTouch which had been designed for smartphones to aid the visually impaired. In a separate vein to the application featured, a unique braille smartphone has been conceptualised in the form of the DrawBraille, which has been created as a natural solution for braille users.


The design of the DrawBraille smartphone is completely in braille and even the touchscreen has been modified to provide an input device that reflects the braille system. The DrawBraille smartphone concept has been created by Shikun Sun and uses tracking paths that can be input on the smartphone touch screen, to initiate functions and modes.

Unfortunately due to the DrawBraille smartphone being just a concept it hasn’t been released as yet, but if any more information comes to light about this very interesting and practical concept we will keep you updated as always.


Source: Yanko

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ash-Harris/650729858 Ash Harris

    Why ist the numeric pad so large? Surely they are easier to read than other braille characters thus requiring less space. Wouldn’t it also  make more sense to have the braille numbers on the corresponding buttons and not next to them?