Dish Network Wins in Court, AutoHop Continues to Bounce along

You might remember back in May when we first talked about some of the networks not being happy with satellite provider Dish Network’s new AutoHop and PrimeTime Anytime features. These features allow users to automatically record prime time programming from all four major networks and automatically remove the commercials.

There were some caveats with the service such as it being available the next day and save for up to eight days. Giving viewers the ability to easily cut out commercials made the networks angry and a suit alleging copyright infringement among other things. I’m glad to say that Dish Network 1 The Court case and the service will continue to be offered.

The judge presiding over the case found that contrary to Fox’s assertion Dish Network customers using the features aren’t liable for copyright infringement. The judge also ruled that the feature doesn’t infringe on any reproduction rights granted under federal copyright law. Basically, Dish Network won on all charges.

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