Dell Chrome OS for Mini 10 Netbooks

Dell has released a custom version of Google’s Chrome OS, designed to be used on its Mini 10 netbooks, the OS is called ChromiumOS and it is a small optimized OS designed to make it easy to browse the web.

The Chromium OS is designed for the Dell Mini 10V, and there is a USB key image file available so you can try it out on your Dell Mini 10.

Dell Chrome OS for Mini 10 Netbooks

I have released an USB key image file to: The file name is: “ChromiumOS_Mini10v_Nov25.img.”  It contains a functioning image of my USB key loaded with ChromiumOS.  In addition, I have made a best effort attempt to get the Broadcom Wi-Fi adapter working in this image.  It’s definitely not perfect (read: highly experimental, untested, unstable, yada yada…) but it does appear to function.

You can find out more details about the ChromiumOS over at Direct2Dell.

via Slippery Brick

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