Mozilla To Launch New Developer Dedicated Browser (Video)


Mozilla has announced that it will launch a new browser which is designed specifically for developers, and it has been developed with Mozilla’s developer tools team.

The video below teases the new developer specific browser from Mozilla, the browser will be released on the 1oth of November, and it will come with tools like the Firefox Tools Adapter and more.

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New Law Could Enable UK Mobile Roaming

UK Mobile Roaming

The UK government were previously in discussions with the various mobile carriers in the UK, in an attempt to get the carriers to offer UK mobile roaming, although in the end the carriers decided not to offer the service to UK consumers.

Whilst the carriers have decided that they don’t want to offer UK mobile roaming voluntarily, they may have no choice in the future, as the government are considering new laws in the UK that would make this possible.

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New Xbox One Processor In Development? (Rumour)

New Xbox One Processor

It has been revealed over the weekend that Microsoft is currently in the process of developing a new Xbox One processor for its next-generation games console that will add performance and reduce costs.

Thanks to a new Xbox One processor chip that has been developed by AMD and provides a more cost-effective 20nm solution. When officially launched the new chip could help Microsoft reduce the price of its games console further, making it more attractive to gamers worldwide.

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Microsoft Mocks Apple’s MacBook Air In New Video

macbook air

The MacBook Air has been a popular product for Apple, and now Microsoft is trying to convince you that they have a better alternative to the Air, the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.

Microsoft has released a new video showing the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro notebook, is also a convertible tablet device, next to Apple’s MacBook Air, have a look at the video below.

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WiFi On London Underground Now At 150 Stations

london underground

Virgin Media has announced that WiFi is now available at 150 stations on the London Underground, the company has added six new WiFi locations to its London Underground service.

The company also revealed how many people are using the service, with over 2.5 million devices registered on the London Underground WiFi, and over 3TB of data being used on the network each day.

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AT&T Announces Samsung Gear S for $199.99

Gear S

Not too long ago, T-Mobile announced the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S on its networks for $0 down and 24 monthly payments of $14.58 each.

Recently, AT&T also announced its own pricing plans for the Samsung Gear S, and they aren’t too cheap either. The carrier is selling the Gear S for $199.99 tied to a two-year agreement with the carrier. AT&T customers can also add the Gear S to their Mobile Share plan for just $10 per month.

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Sony Posts An Operating Loss, Sold 9.9. Million Smartphones In the Last Quarter

Xperia Z3

Sony has released their earnings report for the last quarter, that is, the third quarter (from July-September). The company posted an operating loss of operating loss of 85.6 billion yen (about $765 million).

The company also revealed they sold 9.9 million Xperia smartphones in the last quarter, which is good, but not the best if they want to rise to the top. Compared to similar quarter an year ago, the company sold 10 million units so the difference isn’t very big.

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HTC Maintains Profitability For the Third Quarter


HTC has published its business review for the third quarter, which reveals the financials of the company for the last quarter. It doesn’t specify the number of handsets sold.

The company continues to make a profit, despite that it’s less than the previous quarter. The Taiwanese company generated a revenue of NT$41.9 billion for the third quarter, with the profit amounting to NT$0.6 billion (almost $19 million).

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Google Bookmark Manager Officially Launches

Google Bookmark Manager

Google has officially launch its new bookmark manager which was previously code-named Stars and incorporates the technology Google Search with a new modern user interface to help you manage your bookmarks more effectively.

Now when you bookmark a website or article that you are interested in the newGoogle Bookmark Manager allows you to save an image and note to make your bookmarks more helpful.

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Hungary Puts Plans For Internet Tax On Hold After Protests

Hungary Internet Tax

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has today put on hold plans to impose an Internet taxin Hungary, after massive street protests by those opposed to the plans, as well as warnings from the European Union that the Internet tax was the wrong thing to implement.

Orban the Hungarian Prime Minister has explained that the new Internet Tax has not been scrapped altogether but has been put on hold in its current form.

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3.3 million PlayStation 4 Games Consoles Shipped By Sony Last Quarter

PlayStation 4

Sony has this week announced its financial results for the three months ending on September 30th 2014. Revealing the company shipped 3.3 million PlayStation 4 games consoles during the last quarter.

The newly unveiled results mean that in total Sony has shipped over 13.5 million games PlayStation 4 game consoles since its launch which was less than a year ago back in November 2013.

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