Mini Citysurfer Concept Electric Scooter Announced

Mini Citysurfer

Rather than unveiling a new car at the LA Auto Show Mini has taken the wraps off something different, an electric scooter called the Mini Citysurfer Concept.

The Mini Citysurfer Concept will come with a range of between ten to fifteen miles and it will have a top speed of 15 MPH, it features a lithium ion battery which is built into the frame and it can be charge from either a standard socket or the 12V socket in your car.

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Call of Duty Franchise Passes $10 Billion In Sales Reports CEO Bobby Kotick

call of duty

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard has today revealed that the Call of Duty franchise that launched way back in 2003 has now passed $10 billion in sales worldwide.

The $10 billion figure also doesn’t include the recent sales for the launch of the latest in the series Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, which where strangely not announced today during the briefing.

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YouBionic The Prosthetic Hand You 3D Print Yourself (video)

Prosthetic Hand

A new prosthetic hand named YouBionic has been created by Italian technology designer Federico Ciccarese, which he envisages will one day be available to be 3D printed at a wearers home and easily upgraded when new parts are developed or software updates are released.

Ciccarese imagines the day when a software update for the YouBionic prosthetic hand will be available to download and install in a similar way to how we update software on our smartphones at the current time.

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Chinese Android Developers Can Now Release Paid Apps


Google has announced that Chinese developers can now release paid Android apps on the Google Play Store, and these developers will be able to sell their apps to more than 130 countries around the world.

Previously the only way for Chinese developers to earn revenue from their applications was through adverts, they will now be able to offer paid applications and also apps with in app purchases.

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Corning Gorilla Glass 4 Launched (Video)

Gorilla Glass 4

Smartphone glass maker Corning, has announced the launch of their new Gorilla Glass 4, and they have designed their latest glass to be tougher than previous versions.

According to Corning, their new Gorilla Glass 4 is up to two times tougher than alternatives, and they have focused on making their new glass less susceptible to breaking when you drop your smartphone.

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Starbucks Wireless Charging Launched In The US

Starbucks Wireless Charging

Starbucks has launched wireless charging in 200 of their stores in the US, the company has installed Powermat wireless chargers in their stores in the San Francisco Bay area.

The company plans to roll out the wireless charging feature to all of their stores throughout the US, and they also intend to expand the service to Europe and Asia before the end of the year.

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Slacker Radio Now Available On Select Toyota And Lexus Models

Slacker Radio

Slacker radio listeners that also drive a Toyota or Lexus car which is equipped with infotainment systems installed during 2011 to 2015 may be interested to know that an incoming update to the infotainment systems will bring with it support for Slacker radio.

Due to the in car infotainment systems being equipped with voice recognition the new app will have voice-enabled song and station search features, as well as allowing you to create personal stations or browse other people’s to find music for your journey.

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Mercedes Maybach S Class Shown Off On Video

Mercedes Maybach

Yesterday Mercedes Benz unveiled their new flagship saloon, the Mercedes Maybach S Class , and now the company has release a video which gives us a look at this new luxury saloon.

The video shows the new S600 version of the Mercedes Maybach S Class, the company has yet to announce pricing for the vehicle, have a look at the video below.

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Apple Change’s Free Apps To ‘Get’ After EU Pressure

App Store

Apple’s free applications in the iTunes app store and the Mac app store have always been labelled as free, this included applications that came with in app purchases.

After pressure from the European regulators, Apple has now removed the word ‘Free’ from their app store, and these apps are now labelled with the word ‘get’ next to them.

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Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Movie Dropped By Sony

Steve Jobs

We have been hearing quite a bit about Aaron Sorkin’s new Steve Jobs movie over the last few months, and now according to a recent report, Sony has dropped the movie.

The news comes from Deadline, who have received details that Sony has decided to drop the Steve Jobs movie, although it looks like it will still go ahead, as it has apparently been picked up by Universal Pictures.

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