Google Voice Gets MMS Support In The U.S.

Google Voice

Google has announced that their Google Voice now supports MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) in the U.S., and the service is now available with more than 100 mobile carriers in North America.

You will now be able to send picture messages through Google Voice on a wide range of carriers, which includes the ,major ones like T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T.

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Samsung’s Profits May Fall Due To Smartphone Competition


Samsung hasn’t been selling as many smartphones as it had expected, and now the company has issued another earnings guidance for quarter 3.

Samsung has given guidance that its operating profit for quarter three could fall to 4.1 trillion won, which is around $4 billion US dollars, this is down around 60 percent from the previous year from 7.19 trillion won.

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Samsung Gear S Smartwatch Receives New Opera Mini Browser App

Samsung Gear S

Owners of the Samsung Gear S smartwatch that have been patiently waiting for a browser to be released for the wrist worn wearable, are sure to be pleased that Opera has today announced the launch of its Opera Mini browser for the smartwatch.

It’s still unknown just how productive surfing the Internet will be on a wrist worn smartwatch with a screen of around 2 inches in size, but if you fancy giving it a go the new Opera Mini smartwatch browser will be available to download and install from the Samsung Gear Apps portal.

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100,000 Microsoft Xbox One Consoles Sold In China Since Launch


It has been reported this week that since launching in China on Monday, September 29th, two days before China’s week long “golden week holiday”. Microsoft has sold over 100,000 Xbox One next-generation games consoles.

Microsoft launched their Xbox One console on a total of 37 cities throughout China together with 10 ‘government approved’ games that included Forza Motorsport 5.

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Epson Eco Tank Printers Without Ink Cartridges Launch In The UK

Epson Eco Tank Printers

Epson has this week launched a new range of printers in the UK it has designed that no longer use ink cartridges and are equipped with a new integral ink tank system, and come in the form of the Epson Eco Tank L355 and Eco Tank L55.

The new Epson printers have been created to provide users with savings over traditional ink cartridge printers and Epson explains that the new Eco Tank printers are capable of printing at least 4,000 prints in Black and 6,500 colour prints using the high-volume ink bottles.

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Microsoft Lumia 530 Lands In Microsoft Stores

Lumia 530

The Microsoft Lumia 530 is now available to buy in Microsoft and Best Buy stores in the U.S., the handset is available with mobile carrier T-Mobile and it will also go on sale in T-Mobile stores on the 15th of October.

The Lumia 530 comes with Windows Phone 8.1, and the device is available in a range of colors, which include, white, orange, green and grey.

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Skype To Stop Domestic Voice Calls In India From November 10th


Microsoft has announced that it will be making some changes to its Skype service in India from the 10th of November. Users of Skype in India will not longer be able to make calls to mobile phones and also landlines in India from next month.

Users will still be able to make Skype calls to mobile phones and also landlines, which are outside of India, and customers in other countries will be able to make calls to people in India using Skype.

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US Navy Demonstrates New Robotic Autonomous Swarm Boats (video)

Autonomous Swarm Boat

As the development of Skynet edges closer and closer on a daily basis, the US Navy has this month unveiled a new robotic Autonomous Swarm Boat that is completely unmanned and capable of making movement decisions on its own.

In the video below the new US Navy Autonomous Swarm Boats are demonstrated and have been designed to provide Naval warfighters with a decisive edge, using a multitude of unmanned Navy vessels to overwhelm an adversary, say the US Navy.

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HP To Split Business Into Two Companies


HP has announced that they will be splitting their business into two companies, one company will focus on Enterprise and it will be called Hewlett Packard Enterprise, this will be led by Meg Whitman who will be the CEO of HP Enterprise.

The other business will focus on PCs and printers, this will be called HP Inc and Dion Weisler will be the CEO of HP Inc, Meg Whitman will be the chairman of the HP Inc board.

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