Sony SmartWatch 2 Update Released

smartwatch 2

Sony has released a software update for their Sony SmartWatch 2, the update is designed to fix a number of bugs on the device.

The update brings the software on the Sony SmartWatch 2 to version 1.0.B.6.32/1.0.A.4.11, and it fixes a number of bugs on the device, including a watch face bug.

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GoPro Partners With Vislink For Live HD Video Streaming

GoPro Partners with Vislink

GoPro has today announced a partnership with Vislink to aid the company develop live wireless HD video streaming solutions for the inclusion in live sporting events and to bring the content of the masses direct from the competitor.

It has been revealed in todays press release that GoPro and Vislink have been working together to create a transmitter small enough to be worn or mounted and individual competitors and provide streaming live footage for viewers. Enabling them to receive an even more intimate view of their favourite sporting events.

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile Lands On Android


lightroom mobileAdobe has announced the launch of Adobe Lightroom mobile on Google’s android platform and the app is now available from the Google Play Store.

In order to use the app you will need Lightroom 5.4 or above which is available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, a subscription based service, the Android app is available as a free download.

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Snapchat is charging top dollar for ad space


Snapchat has already unleashed ads on their users. The service let loose their ads to users late last year. The ads show up under the ‘recents’ tab for both iOS and Android. Obviously they want you to click so that they can get revenue. These ads are carefully seeded, with proprietary content often from an advertising partner. Now a new report suggests that Snapchat is demanding a whopping $750,000 per run for ads.

Run means day. Apparently Snapchat has met with several partners, and is taking a hard-line approach of $750,000 for daily ad space. The ads are ‘snaps’, quick video and picture content that disappears once a user has exited the post. It vanishes and is never seen again. I know that many wish this was the case with all ads.
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PayPal Here Adds Windows Support, EMV Card Reader Under Development (video)

PayPal Here Windows Support

PayPal has this week announced the release of a new PayPal Here update that has brought with it support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating system, introducing a new solution for small business retailers.

Also from today the PayPal Here SDK is available for select developers enabling developers and ISVs to integrate their apps in the PayPal transaction platform directly from Windows and Surface tablets, explains Microsoft.

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Facebook At Work Is Designed For Businesses

facebook at work

Facebook at Work is a new product from Facebook that is being launched as an Android and iOS app which the company is simply calling ‘Work’.

The new Facebook At Work feature will also be available on the web, and it is designed to let businesses can company’s create their own social networks with their employees.

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Skype 5.9 For iPhone Update Announced

skype 5.9

Microsoft has announced a new software update for Skype on the iPhone, the update will come in the form of Skype 5.9.

The Skype 5.9 update for the iPhone will bring a range of new features to the handset and this will include a number of changes to the user interface and more.

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Xiaomi To Launch Snapdragon 810 Smartphone Tomorrow


We have been hearing a number of rumors about the new smartphones from Xiaomi over the last few weeks, and now we have more information on what they will launch tomorrow.

It looks like Xiaomi will launch at least two devices at the event and one of these devices will feature Qualcomm’s new flagship Snapdragon 810 processor.

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