Dixons Carphone Partners With Three For New Flexible Tariffs

Dixons Carphone

It has been reported over the weekend by the FT that Dixons Carphone in the UK has partnered with Three to offer its own mobile network with tariffs that will allow customers to easily adjust their required minutes and data usage any time during the contract.

Currently customers have to do stick with a contract for a certain number of talk time minutes and data allowances throughout the UK. Which sometimes are more or less than the required amount a user would use in a month causing underusage or extra charges

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Raspberry Pi 2 With 6x Faster ARMv7 Processor Launches For $35

Raspberry Pi 2

Makers, hobbyists and developers will be please to know that today the Raspberry Pi foundation has announced the launch of the new Raspberry Pi 2 single board mini PC. Which is now available to purchase at the same price as the existing Raspberry Pi Model B+ for $35.

The new Raspberry Pi 2 now offers six times the processing power than the previous Pi mini PCs and is equipped with a 900MHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU supported by 1GB LPDDR2 SDRAM while still providing complete compatibility with the original Raspberry Pi version 1 hardware.

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Alibaba Invests $10m Million Into Ouya Android Console Creator


Sources close to Alibaba and Ouya, the Android games console that originally launched over on the Kickstarter crowdfunding website breaking records in the process and raising over $8.5 million in funding during the process.

Ouya have apparently recently received $10 million in investment from Alibaba to try and help the games console manufacturer becoming more a prominent name in the gaming world.

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Facebook Bluetooth Beacons Now Being Trialled For Location Based Advertising

Facebook Bluetooth Beacon

It has been reported over the weekend that Facebook will be launching a new pilot program to bring advertising and promotions directly to your smartphone using the new Facebook Bluetooth Beacons system.

The Facebook Beacon System will compete with similar services that have been designed by Samsung and iBeacon by Apple that are already being tested and installed in a number of retail locations providing similar services.

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The Pirate Bay Is Back

pirate bay

The Pirate Bay was shut down back in December after a police raid on its servers, and now the site is back online.

Last week we heard that the Pirate Bay would returning on the 1st of February, it appears the site returned a day earlier on the 31st of January.

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Google Now Gets Third Party Apps Support

Google Now

Google is trying to improve its services on a daily basis, introducing exciting features to boost user experience and engagement within its own apps.

Recently, the company announced Google Now to come with support for over 30 different apps, showing you information from them so you don’t have to check the apps.

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Google Earth Pro Features Are Free for All Users

Google Earth

Google Earth Pro is an excellent tool to help businesses and professionals in decision making and analysis.

Google Earth Pro usually costs a whopping $399 a year, but starting today, users will be able to use it for free. Google announced earlier today that anyone can use Google Earth Pro without paying even a penny.

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New LG Flexible OLED Displays Unveiled

Flexible OLED Displays

LG has this month unveiled new flexible OLED displays that are now capable of bending even further than existing displays and might finally pave the way for flexible screens to be included in smartphones and tablets as well as providing a wealth of new applications in the process.

The new LG OLED flexible displays are created entirely from plastic with no glass to break offering safety while they are being flexed. Yet still offer the same brightness, energy efficiency and colour reproduction that you would expect with a glass display on a smartphone or tablet of today.

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Toshiba to Leave North American TV Market due to Price Competition


Toshiba has been making TVs and selling them in the North American market for a very long time. Its products haven’t exactly burned up the market as other makers are undercutting pricing for similar or better technology. That means that Toshiba has felt the pinch of unpopularity in North America.

Rather than cutting prices where profits would be at risk, Toshiba has announced that it will be withdrawing from the North American TV market. While Toshiba won’t be selling TVs under its own brand in North America, devices will still be sold under the Toshiba name on the continent.

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