Ultrasn0w iOS 4.2 iPhone 3G And 3GS Ready To Be Released

MuscleNerd has announced on Twitter that the iPhone Dev team will be releasing the Ultrasn0w iOS 4.2 unlock for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS just a couple of days after Apple releases iOS 4.2.

The unlock is ready to go, but will be held until iOS 4.2 is released so it can be tested, we can expect to wait a little longer for an unlock for the iPhone 4.

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VLC For iPhone And iPad To Be Removed From App Store?

One of the most popular applications for watching video on a Mac or PC, VLC finally landed in the iTunes app store, for the iPad and iPhone a few weeks ago, but now it seems that it may end up being removed from the app store.

VLC has a GNU Public License, this means it can be freely copied and shared between anyone, although this isn’t the case with the iPad and iPhone version as Apple inserts DRM code into every application in the App store.

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Table Connect Multitouch iPhone Desk

We have featured a few cool designs based on the Apple iPhone here at Geeky Gadgets, including some coffee tables and even desks, now we have the Table Connect, and the difference between this and the other we have seen is that it actually works.

The Table Connect can be hooked up to your iPhone, and you end up with a 58 inch working iPhone desk, and you can use the desk just like your iPhone to launch apps and browse the web.

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White iPhone 4 Decal

Apple has said that they won’t be releasing the white iPhone 4 until spring of 2011, although many people think that they wont be releasing one at all and that the next white iPhone we see will be the white iPhone 5.

If you want to give your iPhone the look of the white iPhone 4, yo can get yourself one of these White Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 decals, which is probably about as close as you will get without taking your iPhone apart.

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Apple Working On Integrated Sim Card For Next Generation iPhone?

GigaOM are reporting that Apple may have some new plans for the next generation iPhone, and integrated SIM card, which is being developed by SIM card manufacturer Gemalto.

What this integrated SIM card would do, is allow users to purchase their iPhone direct from Apple via their stores or their online store, and then let them choose which carrier they would like to use their phone with.

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Has Apple Cancelled The White iPhone 4?

Earlier today we told you that Apple had announced that the white iPhone 4 wouldn’t be available until next spring, something just doesn’t sit right with that annoucement from Apple, as next spring will be just before they announced the next generation iPhone.

So why would Apple say that they are releasing a white iPhone 4 next spring, just before they announce next years iPhone. According to the BGR, Apple has in fact no plans at all to release a white iPhone 4.

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Galaxy On Fire 2 iOS Game Launches Tomorrow (video)

The highly anticipated sequel Galaxy On Fire 2 will launch tomorrow after over a year in development and at a special introductory price of just $6.99.

The new sequel bring 10 hours of gameplay and includes a deluxe story mode with full voice acting. Watch the trailer after the jump to view the gameplay and visuals.

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White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Spring 2011

Yesterday we told you that Apple may be about to start selling the white iPhone 4, after it appeared in the ‘Store’ iPhone app. Unfortunately it seems that you wont be seeing a white iPhone 4 anytime soon.

According to Reuters, Apple has stated that they wont be releasing the white iPhone 4 until spring 2011, which seems a strange date as this will be around the time when Apple will announced the next generation iPhone.

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White iPhone 4 Appears In Apple’s ‘Store’ App

The White iPhone 4 is somewhat of a myth, we have seen photos of them, but has anyone actually managed to buy one? Apple have had problems with the manufacturing on the white iPhone 4, but now the have appeard in the ‘Store’ iPhone App.

As you can see in the photo below, both the 16GB and 32GB White iPhone 4 were listed in the app, although if you look on their website they are still showing as unavailable.

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