Octopus iPhone Battery Charger

The Octopus iPhone battery charger is an original solution to allow you to carry extra juice for your iPhone around with you while away from the power grid.

This unique battery charger is named Octopus after the eight sucker pads on one side which allow you to literally stick the pack to the back of your iPhone while it charges the battery.

Octopus iPhone Battery Charger

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Camera+ iPhone App Returns To The App Store

Some of our readers will remember the Camera+ iPhone app that Apple removed from the App Store back in August, the App was original turned down by Apple as the first version allowed you to use the iPhone’s volume buttons to take photos.

To get the app approved the developers removed the feature, and submitted the app to the app store back in August, it was approved but removed a few days later.

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Magic Shutter iPhone App Creates Long Exposures (video)

A new iPhone application has been launched to help you add a little more creativity to your photography. Allowing you to keep the iPhone shutter open for longer and create some wonderful effects, as if the iPhone was a fully loaded DSLR.

With Magic Shutter you are able to lock the exposure and focus on the iPhone camera, allowing you to use a repeated exposure function, fine exposure compensation, exposure control and a smart exposure feature helps avoid over exposure, to name just a few. Watch the demo video after the break to see the app in action.

Magic Shutter

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Infinity Blade Update Goes Live

We told you last week that there was an update coming for Infinity Blade for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and the latest version of Infinity Blade is now available from iTunes.

The latest version of Infinity Blade increases the level cap from level 40 to 45, there are also 5 new swords, 5 new shields, 5 new helmets and one new suit of armor.

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iPhone 4 Teardown Decal

IncredibleDecal have created a very unique iPhone 4 Teardown decal showing the internal workings of the iPhone 4 that is available on the Etsy store for $9.99.

Using the iPhone 4 Teardown decal that shows the battery and phone circuitry on your sparkling new iPhone 4 will definitely be a conversation starter. Its also super-thin (less than 0.3mm) and provides your phone with tough scratch protection.

iPhone 4 Teardown Decal

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The Worlds Biggest iPhone

The photo below shows the worlds biggest iPhone, which is made from Apple iPads, 56 iPads to be exact, and it is being displayed in London’s St. Pancras International Train Station for the launch of the game Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light.

The 56 iPads have been framed to make them look like a giant iPhone, and all of the iPads are running the same looped video, which shows off the mobile version of the game.

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FringOut Arrives On iPhone Providing Low Cost Worldwide Calls

You maybe please to know that the cheap International calls application FringOut is now available on the iPhone allowing you to call contacts on regular landlines and mobile phone numbers.

Fring are also offering unlucky European travellers that are  stranded in airports due to the snow, including Paris, London, Berlin, Frankfurt a free $5 fringOut credit, that can then be used with the new FringOut iPhone app over the Airports Wifi. Simply follow the instructions after the jump.

FringOut iPhone

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Facebook iPhone App Gets Updated

Facebook has updated its iPhone app to version 3.3.3, the update brings a range of new features to the Facebook iOS app as well as lots of bug fixes.

The latest update to the Facebook iPhone app is designed to fix a range of problems including memory leaks which previously caused the app to crash, there is also improved reliability in chat and messages.

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Word Lens Camera Translator For iPhone

A new app for the iPhone called Word Lens can apparently translate text instantly through the iPhones camera. Allowing you to simply point your camera at anything you require to be translated and voila its translated.

The Word Lens app is still currently under development in the sense it cant yet translate handwriting or stylized fonts and is only currently available in either English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

Word Lens

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