EpicWin Turns Your iPhone To-Do List Into A Real Life RPG

If your like me and sometimes cant look at your ever increasing To-Do list, a new iPhone App called EpicWin that’s currently in development might help you out.

The EpicWin iPhone App converts your To-Do list into a RPG game which sounds much more inviting than your average To-Do application. Check out the demo video after the break.


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Consumer Reports Doesn’t Recommend The iPhone 4

Consumer Reports is a well known website that tests out a wide range of gadgets and products, they have just finished testing the iPhone 4 and although it scored highly in their tests they have decided to not recommend the iPhone 4.

The reason for this is because of the iPhone 4 antenna issues, Consumer Reports ran a number of tests on the iPhone 4 and found the antenna issue, the tests were performed in a controlled environment and found the same signal problems that many iPhone 4 users have reported.

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Geohot Retires From iPhone Jailbreaking

George Hotz also known as GeoHot has decided to call it a day on his iPhone jailbreaking, after a recent post on his iPhone jailbreak blog, entitled ‘meh’ (the blog is now invitation only).

You can see GeoHot’s reason below in a excerpt that was posted on his blog, I guess if you are not having fun doing something anymore then that is a good time to quit.

Geohot Retires From iPhone Jailbreaking
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Exolife iPhone 4 Battery Case

The battery life on the iPhone 3G and 3GS wasn’t very good, I pretty much used both of them with one of those battery cases. The battery life on the iPhone 4 is very good so you may not need to use a battery case for it all the time.

If you are a heavy user of the iPhone 4 and want some extra battery power then you may want to check out the Exolife iPhone 4 battery case.

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Skype Blocks Fring iPhone App (Updated) With Skype Statement

Earlier today we told you about the new Fring iPhone app that lets you make video calls from your iPhone 4, to any other smartphone with a front facing video camera.

With the Fring application you could also make calls over Skype, but now it seems Skype isn’t very happy about this new feature and it has blocked Fring from using Skype.

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iPhone App Developer Earns $1400 In One Day With iAds

Developing a successful application for the iPhone can make developers a fair bit of money, now one developer has shared their earnings from the first day of their new application using Apple’s iAds platform.

The developer made a total of $1,400 on his first day through iAds when his new free application went live on iTunes, and the application was only a simple app that controls the cameras flash on the iPhone 4.

iPhone App Developer Earns $1400 In One Day With iAds
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Fring Brings 3G Video Calls To The iPhone 4

Fring has launched a new version of their iPhone application that lets users make video calls over 3G on the iPhone 4, and you will be able to video chat with your friends who own other smartphones like Android and some Nokia smartphones.

The application is free and the video chat works over both WiFi and also 3G, and it also supports Skype and is iOS 4 compatible so it will alert you to an incoming call.

Fring Brings 3G Video Calls To The iPhone 4

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Apple iPhone 4 Review

Updated 10th December 2011

Have a look at our iPhone 4S review which includes videos, tons of photos and everything you need to know about the iPhone 4S, siri, and iOS 5, plus make sure you read our article on the difference between the iPhone 4 and 4s.

When I got my iPhone 4 last month, we did a brief hands on article with the iPhone 4, I wanted to test it out for a couple of weeks before doing our full review, this gave me a good chance to test every aspect of the new iPhone 4.

The new iPhone 4 is the biggest update to the iPhone in a couple of years, it features a completely new design, as well as the latest version of Apple’s iPhone operating system, iOS 4.
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iPhone 4 UK T-Mobile Pricing Released

T-Mobile has finally released their pricing for the iPhone 4 in the UK. 500mb of data is available across all the tariffs from £25 to £40 a month with 750mb on the £45 tariff and 1GB of data on the £60 per month.

As with the other UK iPhone 4 providers you will need to go for the £60 a month plan for a free iPhone 4. View the full T-Mobile tariff plans after the jump.

iPhone 4 UK

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Metaio Junaio App Brings Augmented Reality To iPhone iOS 4

Taking advantage of the new developer tools in iOS4 for interactive experiences Metaio have updated their Junaio augmented reality app with image recognition and object tracking.

Download the application from iTunes by searching for Junaio register and you then should be able to see augmented reality in action on the image below. Or watch the videos after the jump to get a feel for the app.

Metaio Junaio app

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iBoy iPhone 4 Game Boy Skin

Some of our readers will remember the cool Game Boy skin for the iPhone that we featured on the site last year. Now there is a new version available for the new iPhone 4, and it looks like a great way to protect that glass back from scratches.

The iBoy Game Boy iPhone 4 skin fits on the back of the iPhone 4, and will definitely appeal to all the Nintendo fans out there.

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