Apple Pay Could Be Headed To Europe Soon

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is only available in the U.S. at the moment, although it looks like Apple has plans to launch the service in the UK, Europe and some other countries in 2015.

A new job listing for Apple Pay at has been discovered, and the company is looking for someone to help them expand the service to Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa.

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Amazon Prime Now Brings One Hour Deliveries

amazon prime now

Amazon has launched a new app called Amazon Prime Now, and the new service is exclusive to Amazon Prime members, and it aims to deliver items to you within an hour.

Amazon Prime Now is available in parts of Manhattan at the moment, the company also plans to roll out the app to other cities in the U.S.

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Pixelmator For iPad And Mac Updated


Pixelmator, which is one of the best photo editing applications on the iPad and Mac has received an update, and both new versions of the app come with a range of new features.

Pixelmator for Mac 3.3.1 brings pinch to zoom within a document window on your Mac, there are also a number of other new features, performance improvements and bug fixes on the app.

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Apple products no longer for sale in Russia


Russia’s economy is not very certain right now. There are several reports about wild fluctuations in the Ruble and then there is also uncertainty regarding Ukraine. There are other factors too. So citizens are attempting to move their existing funds to something more stable. Imported goods are also affected, since this instability is causing some businesses to be more cautious. Some companies may choose not to be a part of it at all. Like Apple is doing.

Apple has stopped online sales in Russia due to “extreme” fluctuations in the Ruble. The company is currently in a holding pattern as they review their Russian store. So iPhones may get scarce in Russia, at least for a time.
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Google Wallet For iPhone Adds TouchID Support

google wallet

Google has released a new version of their Google Wallet mobile payment system for Apple’s iOS devices, and the Wallet app now supports Apple’s TouchID.

The update also brings a range of other features to Google Wallet on the iPhone and iPad, you can now split the cost of a transaction, which could be handy if you want to split a bill with your friends.

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Microsoft Launches New Apps On Android And iOS

msn apps

Microsoft has launched a range of new mobile apps on Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS platform, and the new apps include MSN News, MSN Weather, MSN Sports, MSN Money, MSN Health & Fitness and MSN Food & Drink.

All of the apps will be released to Apple’s iTunes app store and the Google Play Store, and Microsoft will also release the apps to the Amazon app store for the company’s Kindle Fire range of devices.

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Apple 1 Computer Sells For $365,000


The last time an Apple 1 Computer went up for sale, it sold for a massive $905,000, and a recent auction of another Apple 1 computer was expected to fetch even more.

The latest sale of an Apple 1 Computer was auctioned by Christie’s in New York, and the company had an estimated selling price for the device of between $400,000 and $600,000.

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Apple iPhone 7 A9 Processor Production Started By Samsung

iphone 7

According to a recent report, Samsung has started production of the Apple A9 processor for next years iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, we previously heard that Samsung would be making the processor for Apple.

The news comes in a report from the Korean ETNews, who has said that Samsung has started production of the Apple A9 processor at a plant in Austin in the US, and the processor is being constructed using 14nm FinFET technology.

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Apple Online Store Now Takes PayPal


Apple has now added a new payment option to its online store in the UK and US, you can now make purchases from the Apple Store using PayPal.

PayPal has been available previously as a payment option in Apple’s iTunes store and also the App Store, and now the company has added PayPal to their online retail store.

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Apple Watch Production To Start In January

apple watch

Apple’s official details on the launch of their new Apple Watch is early 2015, and we previously heard that the new Apple smartwatch would launch some time this Spring, which would be from the 20th of March onwards.

Now according to a recent report, Apple Watch production will commence in January of 2015, which would mean that the rumored launch around the end of March would be about the right time.

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