Apple Could Use Curved Display in iPhone 6 (Rumor)

We’ve seen a number of rumors about the upcoming iPhone 6. In the past few days, some concept renders were leaked as well, with rumors suggesting that Apple will launch a larger iPhone this fall, possibly with a screen size of 4.7-inch.

According to a new report from Mac Otakara, the alleged iPhone 6 could launch with a curved display, and rounded edges. It also mentions the rear panel of the device could be rounded too, compared to the straight one found in the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.

iPhone 6

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Apple iOS 7.1 SDK Source Code Indicates Siri Maybe Arriving On Apple TV

Source code discovered in the latest Apple iOS 7.1 SDK released by Apple has indicated that the company might be looking to integrate Siri into a future Apple TV release.

Pierre Blazquez first found the reference on Friday within the source and the Siri Apple TV codes exist in both iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.1′s files. The addition of Siri would enable users to use Apple’s personal assistant using voice commands from their Apple TV device connected to their HDTV.

Apple TV Siri

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Apple TV Sales Pass 20 Million, iPhone Sales Up 17 Percent In Q2

Last night Apple announced their Q2 results reporting stinger than thought earnings of $11.62 per share on sales of $45.6 billion and also revealed a surprising sales figure for Apple TV devices which has now pasted 20 million units. Not bad for a product that started out as a “hobby” for Apple.

Apple also revealed that iPhone sales have been stronger than some expected with 43.719 million units sold, up 17%, however iPad devices sold 16.35 million units, down -16% which is lower than expected.

Apple-TV sales

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New Apple iPhone 5S Advert Takes a Pop At Samsung Galaxy S5 (video)

Apple has this week released a new advert for its iPhone 5S smartphone which in 90 seconds takes you through the features and sensors that the device comes equipped with.

As well as having a small poke at Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone heart rate monitor, which is enabled on the Apple iPhone 5S smartphone using just software via an app, without the need for a hardware sensor to be integrated into the device, as with the Galaxy S5.


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Apple OS X Beta Seed Program Now Open To The Public

In the past only Apple developers have been able to gain access to the OS X Beta Seed program, but this week Apple has announced they are now opening up the program to all interested parties without the need to pay the $99 developer enrolment fee.

The new OS X Beta Seed program is now available to anyone over the age of 18 with an Apple ID, simply sign in at Apple’s beta registration website and agree to the terms and conditions.

Apple OS X Beta Seed Program

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iMac Elevation Stand Launches On Kickstarter And Blasts Through Pledge Goal (video)

The makers of the Elevation iPhone dock that proved very popular over on the Kickstarter website in 2012 and raised over $1.4 million, have this week launched a new product called the iMac Elevation Stand.

As the name suggests the new aluminium iMac Elevation Stand has been created to raise your iMac computer to provide users with improved posture and comfort. Watch the promotional Kickstarter view after the jump to learn more.

iMac Elevation Stand

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Apple TV Receives New Lifetime, The History Channel, and A&E Apps

Apple has this week rolled out three new channels for its Apple TV set-top box which includes A&E, The History Channel, and Lifetime. However each new Apple TV application does require a cable subscription to unlock the full content but some of the most recent episodes are reportedly available without a cable subscription.

Apple TV

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Apple Starts Offering Free Recycling On All Products

To coincide with this years annual celebration of Earth Day, Apple has this week announced it will now start offering free recycling on all its products worldwide, enabling Apple users to trade in their old gear for gift vouchers if the products can be reused.

As well as announcing the free world wide recycling of Apple products, Apple has also said that all its stores, data centres and offices will be powered by renewable energy to reduce the pollution caused by its products and online services.


Apple Free Recycling

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Beats Music Now Sells Subscriptions from its iOS App

Beats Music started selling subscriptions online earlier this year. The company has been offering an app for the iPhone for a while to allow fans to listen to the service on their mobile device. One thing that Beats Music didn’t allow on that app was the buying of a subscription. The reason for this was that Apple keeps 30% of all subscription fees and sales made from the App Store.


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Apple And Google Offering Developers Deals For Exclusive Games

Gaming on both Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform is extremely popular, and now according to a recent report, both Apple and Google are attempting to get developers to release exclusive games for their platforms.

Apple and Google are apparently trying to make sure that their platforms get exclusive games, this has apparently been going on for some time, with the two companies, fighting it out to get exclusive content.

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iPhone 6 Pro Concept (Video)

On the weekend we saw another iPhone 6 concept, and now we have some videos of an iPhone 6 Pro concept, which show an interesting design and features.

The iPhone 6 Pro concept features a larger display, an Apple A9 processor, a 16 megapixel rear camera and a 3 megapixel front camera, although we suspect these specifications will not appear in the new iPhone 6.

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First Generation Apple TV Having iTunes Connectivity Issues

Last week we heard that owners of Apple iOS 6 devices were having FaceTime issues, and now it would appear that first generation Apple TV owners are having connectivity issues with iTunes.

It would appear that first generation Apple TV devices are no longer able to connect to iTunes, and the problem started last week, the device can connect to the Internet, but not access iTunes.

First Generation Apple TV

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