Djay For Apple Watch Released (Video)


There are now around 3000 apps for the new Apple Watch and one of those is the popular iPhone and iPad app Djay.

You will be able to use the Apple Watch to control a number of things on the Djay apps, including mixing tracks and more, have a look at the video below.

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New iPod Touch May Launch This Year (Rumor)

iPod Touch

Apple has not released a new version of the iPod Touch in the last three years, the latest model was first introduced in 2012 and all further models since then have had the same design.

According to a recent report, Apple are expected to release a new version of their iPod Touch this year.

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Apple Watch Orders Now Shipping To Customers

Apple Watch

It looks like the first Apple Watch pre-orders have now started shipping out to customers, as some people who pre-ordered the device have started to receive delivery notifications.

Some of the people who pre-ordered the Apple Watch when the device was first made available to now track their device and some people may get their device tomorrow.

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Girlfriend Drowns Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Products

apple revenge

Well, one way to get back at a cheating spouse and is to take the things that he loves and kill them. Especially if you are really hurt and want some revenge. This is the story of a man in Japan who cheated on his girlfriend. I don’t think he ever expected that she would draw up a nice bath for all of his Apple products and drown them.

You are looking at thousands of dollars worth of Apple products all taking a nice bath and being destroyed. I can only imagine what this guy felt like seeing all of those devices soaking like dead fish after a killer storm. Just half-floating and lifeless.
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