Relonch Camera Combines With Your iPhone For $499 (video)

Relonch Camera

A new camera has been unveiled called the Relonch Camera, that has been designed to be used with Apple’s iPhone smartphone allowing you to capture fancy photographs, say its creators.

The Relonch Camera allows you to insert your smartphone into the back of the camera case, adding extra features and making it easy to share your captured footage. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Relonch Camera and see it in action.

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PayPal Excluded From Apple Pay Because Of Samsung Deal

Apple Pay

When Apple announced their new Apple Pay mobile payment system, there was one major payment provider who Apple did not include in the new system, PayPal.

PayPal is one of the largest online payment systems, and it would have made sense for Apple to make PayPal an Apple pay partner, and now details have emerged on why PayPal were excluded from Apple Pay.

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New Apple Watch Video Reveals Smaller Screen (video)

Apple Watch

Yesterday Apple released a new video promoting their latest and highly anticipated wearable Apple Watch which was unveiled to the world last month and expected to go into production during January 2015 and be launched to consumers during March 2015.

However one eagle eyed viewer of the video noticed a few differences between the Watch device in the latest video and the Watch that was unveiled last month during Apple’s unveiling event. Noticing that the screen size is now slightly smaller with a larger bezel surrounding it.

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Gold iPad Air 2 In The Works

gold ipad air 2

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are available in three colors, silver, gold and space grey, where as the current versions of the iPad’s are available in two colors, and now it looks like Apple will launch a gold iPad Air 2.

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, Apple will be launching a Gold iPad Air 2 at their iPad press event later this month, it is not clear as yet on whether the iPad Mini 3 will also get a gold version.Continue Reading…

Apple Now Accepting OS X Yosemite Apps

OS X Yosemite

Apple is expected to launch OS X Yosemite some time next month, and we are expecting to heard more details about the release of Yosemite at Apple’s iPad Air 2 event next month.

Apple had now asked developers to start submitting OS X Yosemite apps, and OS X Yosemite has now reached GM (Gold Master) status, which means that it should launch soon.

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Apple Watch To Go Into Production In January (Rumor)

apple watch

When the Apple Watch was announced last month, Apple said that the device would launch in Early 2015, the company did not give any specific dates on when the device would be available.

Now it would appear that we may have some more details on the launch date of the new Apple Watch, according to a recent report, Apple will commence mass production of their new smartwatch in January.

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Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD Announced

Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD

Belkin has launched a new accessory for your Mac and PC, the Belkin Thunderbolt 2 Express Dock HD, which comes with two thunderbolt ports, and a range of connection options.

The Belkin Thunderbolt 2 will work with Mac OS X 10.9 and later and with Windows 7, Windows 8 or later, the device will be available to pre-order from today.

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Apple Watch On Show At Paris Fashion Week And Colette

Apple Watch

Those interested in seeing the new Apple Watch wearable smartwatch up close, will be interested to know that the new Watch is available to view at the French retailer Colette in Paris France ahead of Paris Fashion Week.

The new Watch will also be making an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week and the Colette website has been updated explaining : “Apple Watch windows” will be on display today only from 7pm local time.

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