Bold Poker App Replaces A Traditional Card Deck With iPhones (video)

Poker players out their equipped with iOS devices, might be interested in the new Bold Poker app which has been designed to replace a traditional deck of cards with digital devices.

Bold Poker is an iOS application that replaces cards with their digital equivalents and lets players view and play via their iPhones. Watch the video after the jump to learn more about the Bold Poker app and see it in action.

Bold Poker App

“Next time you get together with friends for some hold’em, tell them to bring their iPhones. Bold Poker uses your iPhone or iPod touch and iPad and turns them into a deck of cards. It’s all about the experience. Beautifully designed for retina screens. Custom illustrated card backs. Officially licensed card faces. Realistic yet subtle sound design.”

Whilst playing Bold Poker the deck of cards are shuffled using a secure shuffling algorithm, and then transferred to iPhones using SSL-encryption. Bold Poker is now available to purchase from the iTunes App Store for just $1.99. Enjoy!

Source: Uncrate

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