Asus and Acer Ultrabooks to Cost Over $1000?

The whole time we have been hearing about and reporting on the coming Intel Ultrabooks the big selling point has been the low price of under $1000. As it turns out that big selling point may not be accurate. Reports are coming in that both Asus and Acer are reconsidering their Ultrabook pricing.

Asus UX21

Asus reportedly said that only using a Core i3 could it sell the Ultrabook at under $1000. Apparently, the Core i5 and i7 machines with the SSD inside could go as high as $2000. Acer has also noted that its Ultrabook machines will also cost more than $1000.

Acer’s reason is that they are deciding to focus on higher quality solutions at the highest price according to sources. What that means is they are hoping consumers will pay more than a $1000 for the Ultrabook platform. If people buy the machines I think everyone will sell them for more than $1000.

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