Asus add another PC to their lineup – The Asus Eee Monitor Desktop PC

Here’s another addition to the Asus Eee lineup, the Asus Eee Monitor PC.

Asus eee Monitor PC

As usual the exact specs haven’t been confirmed yet, but the screen size of the Eee Monitor is expected be to 19 or 20 inches.

eee monitor

The Eee Monitor features 2 USB ports and a card reader on the front, on the back there are 4 USB ports, two Ethernet ports, three audio, one for a mic and 2 audio outs.

asus eee monitor

There are also built in speakers, and from the looks of the photos these are Denon.

asys eee monitor PC

Unfortunately there are no specs on the processor, memory or hard drive as yet, but it is expected to run Intel’s Atom processor.

The Asus Eee Monitor will come in a choice of black or white and  is expected to retail for around $500 and may even feature a built in TV tuner.

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via Laptop Mag

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  • Tony G

    This looks awesome, if it is as good as the Eee, I will be getting one, any idea when it will be available ?

  • Fatgadget

    Hi Tony

    I am afraid the details are very limited at the moment, I will post an update as soon as more details are released :)

  • Zai


  • Newrad

    That’s a modem and an Ethernet. For those that still use dial up.