Apple’s New iMac 2012 Gets Taken Apart

With Apple’s new iMac going on sale today, with the new iMac 21.5 inch available now and the new iMac 27 inch model arriving in stores next month.

Its not taken long for images to emerge of the innards of the new iMac 21.5 inch system, for all to see. Although not an official teardown of the new iMac the quickly captured images do reveal what is powering Apples new iMac system.


new iMac 2012

new iMac 2012

Apple explains on their website: “Sit down in front of the new iMac and something incredible happens: The world around you seems to disappear, and you lose yourself in the big, beautiful display. To create an experience this immersive, we pushed every limit, rethought every detail, and advanced iMac in the most astonishing ways.”

In the video below you can see the new iMac being boxed by Ben Pasternak from Australia. With prices for the new iMac 21.5 inch starting at $1,299, with the new iMac 27 inch version retailing from $1,799 next month.

Source: 9to5Mac

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