Apple TV Update Issues For Some

Recently it seems a number of second generation Apple TV users have experienced problems updating their Apple TVs with the latest firmware. With some users reporting that on installing the update their Apple TV has become “bricked” and totally unusable.


Apple TV Update Issues

If you have been experiencing problems updating your Apple TV let use know below and add your problems to Apple support thread here.

Hopefully the problems are going to be solved today 28th June as the updates which seem to have failed for a number of countries may have been due to server issues at Apple’s support centre .

Source : Cult Of Mac : Apple

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  • Leal Trish

    It’s October 13th 2011 today and when prompted to install updates we get an icon of itunes at the top of the screen with a disconnected USB icon at the bottom half of the screen, what does this mean?  Have unplugged over and over to see if this would “reset” the iTV but now since it’s a year and 11 days old, we may be out of luck on warranty too.  Oh, and now we must pay for technical support