Apple Has 51 Percent Share Of US Smartphone Market In Q4 2012

According to a new report by research firm Kantar Worldpanel, Apple has taken the top spot in the US smartphone market for the final quarter of 2012, with a 51.2 percent share for the 12 week period up to the 23rd of December 2012.

Android is in second place with a 44.2 percent share of the US smartphone market, they also revealed some details on the various mobile carriers, with AT&T grabbing the largest share of 33.3 percent which was then followed by Verizon with a 32 percent share.

iPhone 5

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech analyst Mary-Ann Parlato states, “Apple’s continual improvement is thanks to both the iPhone 5 and older models attracting various customer groups, from repeat Apple buyers, first time smartphone buyers and those coming from other smartphone brands”.

Apple obviously had a good quarter at the end of 2012 with the launch of their new iPhone 5 in September of last year, they will be revealing their financial results tomorrow and it will be interesting to see what they announced.

Source Kantar Worldpanel

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