Amazon Lockers Now Support Returns

It’s been a long while now since Amazon rolled out its Lockers service that allowed people to order items from Amazon and have them delivered to Lockers located around the country. Amazon Lockers launched only as a delivery location for purchases, but Amazon is set to change that. Amazon has announced that Lockers can now be used to return items as well.

Amazon-Locker (1)

The goal is to let users have a place where they can drop their items off without having to wait for a pickup or worry that a box left by the door might get stolen. Amazon will likely reduce the cost of returns using the Lockers since the delivery driver will be there dropping packages off already.

Returns will work much like pickups using the lockers. Amazon will send the person a code that will unlock the door on a specific locker. The customer will be able to drop off boxes at the lockers up to one square foot in size. Pickup rates from the Lockers will be the same as they would be at a drop off location. “Customers like the added convenience” of returns through the lockers, said an Amazon spokeswoman.

via WSJ

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