Acer Unveils H9500 DLP Home Theater Projector With True Motion Technology

If you are looking for a projector to equip your home theater out the new Acer H9500 DLp which has just been unveiled by Acer might well be worth a look.

The new H9500 video projector has been designed by Acer to provide Full HD projection with native 16:9 aspect ratio. Together with DynamicBlack technology which automatically fine-tunes each scene to optimal black levels while retaining the original brightness of the projected images, and True Motion Technology.

Acer Unveils H9500 DLP

Acer’s True Motion Technology uses advanced MEMC (Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation) to improve the projectors picture clarity within fast moving scenes by reducing the motion blur. It does this by creating and inserting new frames within the projection video to create a smoother motion.

The new Acer Unveils H9500 DLP can project an image up to 300-inches from up to 32.7-feet away from the wall and a 60-inch image needs 1 meter of distance, and is now available to purchase throughout Europe for around £1700

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