WiFi Samsung Galaxy Tab Priced at £299

Samsung recently announced range of new tablets in the Galaxy Tab range, we saw the new Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab 8.9, we were expecting Samsung to launch a WiFi only version of the original Galaxy Tab at the end of last year, and it has now turned up on Amazon and is available to pre-order for £299.

The WiFi Galaxy Tab comes with a 7 inch touchscreen display, with Android 2.2 Froyo, there is also a three megapixel camera on the back and a front facing VGA camera for video chat.

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SRS iWOW 3D Audio Enhancer For iPad, iPhone

If you need to enhance the audio from your iOS device the SRS iWOW 3D Audio Enhancer For iPad, iPhone might be worth a look. Its been created by SRS Labs and the adapter that slots into the iOS devices 30-pin port work in conjunction with a free application iWow iOS app to take the audio from Apple’s devices to the next level.

SRS has designed the iWOW 3D to retrieves and restores audio cues that are buried deep within the original source material. The free app allow you to customise the audio settings and select speaker settings such as headphones, car or external speakers.


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Hercules Launches New eCAFE Netbooks

Hercules has launched a new range of eCAFE netbooks, the eCAFE Slim HD and the eCAFE EX HD, both models are designed to be ultra portable, and the EX HD is designed to provide up to 13 hours of usage.

Both models comes with a Cortex A8 processor, and Linux as the OS, you get 512MB of RAM a standard and 8GB of storage in the eCAFE Slim HD or 16GB of storage in the eCAFE EX HD, plus 50GB of online storage.

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Skype Launches ‘Skype in the Classroom’ Teachers Network

Skype has today unveiled a new networking service dedicated to teachers worldwide called ‘Skype in the Classroom’. The new networking service has been created to help teachers everywhere use Skype to help their students learn. It’s a place for teachers to connect with each other, find partner classes and share inspiration.

Skype in the classroom is a free global community that was created in response to the growing number of teachers using Skype in their classrooms. To get started all you need do is create a Teacher profile including your interests, specialities and location.

Skype in the classroom

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FTC Charges Google With Deceptive Privacy Practices For Google Buzz

Google came under quite a bit of criticism for the way they launched their Google Buzz service, and we heard previously that they had settled a lawsuit. Now the FTC has ruled that Google used deceptive privacy practices when Google Buzz was launched.

Google and the FTC have come to an agreement and Google has agreed to implement a comprehensive privacy program, and also agreed to regular privacy audits for the next 20 years.

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From Brazil, Banana Fiber For The Car Industry

Alcides Leao from Sao Paolo State Uni might have the future of the car business in the pal of his hand. That is, if he happened to be holding a banana while he presented his research the 241st National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society. Hey! That’s also where those Electric Beam guys from Harvard strutted their stuff.

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Battlefield 3 : Fault Line Episode 3 : Get that Wire Cut

EA has today released the third part of the Fault Line Episodes teaser videos, called ‘Get the Wire Cut’. The video shows a large battle ongoing within the streets and a glimpse of some of the other tasks you are going to be asked to accomplish within the game.

In a recent interview DICE GM Karl Troedsson has revealed to a Games.on.net that the new Battlefield 3 campaign when finally released will take roughly 12 hours to complete. Watch a video of the interview and the new Battlefield 3 : Fault Line Episode 3 : Get that Wire Cut after the jump.


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Star Wars Blu-ray Editions Arriving On September 16th 2011

Whats looks to be now a firm a date has now been released for the launch of the Star Wars complete saga launch on Blu-ray. It was originally thought to be towards the end of September but now looks to be arriving on the September 16th a few days earlier.

For the first time in the films history, all six of George Lucas’ epic films, Episodes I-VI will now be finally combined in to one complete set. Three version of the Star Wars Blu-ray collection will be available. One with all six titles and then two other editions, the first three movies in on and then the final 3 three in another separate box sets. Watch a teaser video after the jump.

Star Wars Blu-ray

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Silent Mouse By Nexus

If the clicking of a mouse button annoys you either in your work place, where is an busy office is all that you can hear or at home, then this new creation by Nexus might be worth a look.

Their new silent mouse creation has been under development for the last 4 years and is now ready to be released to the public. You would think creating a silent clicking mouse would be a fairly simple affair but as Nexus discovered, its not as easy as one thinks. Now with their patented technology Nexus have cracked the problem with the launch of the Nexus Silent Mouse. Watch the video after the break to see and not hear the mouse in action.

Nexus Silent Mouse

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Researchers Develop New Flex Touchscreen Interface (Video)

Researchers at the Osaka University in Japan have developed a new flexible touchscreen interface, and the interface flexes whatever is on the screen when you move you hand or fingers over the display.

What this does is make some of the content on the screen distorted, and enables you to scroll and view more content on the display and then zoom into the particular section you want to look at.

Flex Touchscreen display

The researchers tested this new touchscreen display technology with Google maps, and you can see it in action in the video below.

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