Game-800 PMP Plays NES Games

If your looking for a different PMP that can also play games as well as handle all your media, then it might be worth you checking out the Game-800 PMP.

The Game-800 PMP has a built in emulator that will let you play NES, Famicon, Gameboy, Gameboy Color and even Sega Mega Drive games, on top of that there is a built in text to speech ebook reader, which can read text files in both English and Chinese.

Game-800 PMP

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Antec Performance One P183, P193 PC Cases

Antec has added a couple of new cases to their Performance One range, with the launch of the P183 and P193 PC cases.

These new cases are designed to offer better cooling for you PC, improved airflow and less noise.

The P183 is a mid sized tower case, which features a dual chamber design, where the power supply is kept in a separate chamber, this is done to isolate heat and also to reduce noise.

Antec p183

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Skype iPhone App – Hands On

Skype’s iPhone application has just launched, and is now available to download from iTunes, we have just been testing it out to see how good it is.

The Skype iPhone App works exactly like it does on your PC, you can chat with friends in your contact list, and also make free phone calls to your contacts over WiFi and also make Skype out calls.

Skype iPhone

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Terminator Robots Exhibition

Why does Japan always get all the cool stuff? They always have the latest gadgets, and now the Miraikan Museum in Tokyo has an exhibition of some awesome robots from the Terminator films and series, to celebrate the launch of the new Terminator Salvation movie.

The Exhibition is called “Terminator Exhibition – Battle or Coexistence? Robots and Our Future,” and it aims to inspire visitors of the exhibition to think about the relationship between humans and machines, anyway here are some photos of some of the awesome robots on display.

Terminator Robots Exhibition

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