100W Equivalent LED Bulb Hits Lowe’s for under $35

It doesn’t matter if you’re after LED bulbs to be green or simply so you don’t have to replace light bulbs in your home as often, for most of us the prices been too high. LED bulbs have been around for a long time but when they first hit the market that could cost $100 each for more. Thankfully the price for LED bulbs coming down at the same time the light output is going up.


Lowe’s has announced that it has a new LED lightbulb available that is equivalent to a 100 W incandescent bulb. The bulb is available for $34.99 and consumes 22 W of electricity. That is 78% less electricity for the same light output as a 100 W incandescent.

Perhaps the best part is that the LED bulb has a life of up to 22 years. If $35 for an LED bulb is more than you want to spend, Lowe’s also has a 75-watt equivalent for under $25 and a 40-watt equivalent for under $10. All three of those bulbs are available now.

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