YouTube Guide Subscription Features Rolls Out To All Devices

This week YouTube has rolled out a new update to its YouTube Guide feature rolling it out on to all devices. The new update follows on from the updates Google made to their YouTube service last year to make it easier for users to subscribe to channels they were interested in.

The new YouTube Guide homepage now enables you to organise your YouTube channels to match your preferences and your viewing on you Tube, and includes a subscription field guide that flows across both the site and all devices.

YouTube Guide Feature Arrives On All Devices

The newly updated YouTube Guide has been created by Google to provide a fantastic source of information to help you easily decide what to watch on YouTube at any time.

“Just subscribe to your favorite channels and the Guide lets you know when there are new videos waiting for you to enjoy, suggests the latest and greatest channels you might like, and shows you what your friends are sharing across the web. You’ll also find the Guide and your subscriptions on apps across hundreds of millions of devices including Android, iPhone, Playstation 3, Google TV and more.”

For more information on the new YouTube Guide feature jump over to the Google YouTube blog and its official announcement.

Source: YouTube

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