UPS Packing Box Concept is Long Overdue

I hate selling stuff on eBay mostly because the stuff I sell always seems to lure the dregs of the eBay society. It’s doesn’t matter how well I describe something, someone always asks a stupid question that is already answered or complains that the price is too high. I also hate having to dig around for boxes to pack the stuff in for shipping.

Yanko Design has a concept packing box called Universal Packing System or UPS that will fix my packing woes. The concept is a simple square of cardboard with lines scored all over the surface. You take your item and then fold the box at the scores to the item shape.

Sure, the box looks weird when done, but most of the square boxes I get look that crooked once UPS has delivered them. The other cool thing is that the flat and thin design would make the packing material very easy to store. If only someone would come up with a concept that could fix stupid eBay questions, I would be golden.

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  • Amanda/@Manduhh

    Not as cool as Yanko’s G-Spot mouse!!

  • John

    Yeah, but when you’re buying a Radeon HD 3850 AGP card on ebay, you HAVE TO ASK if it was actually used and functions without screen pixel corruption. If you don’t absolutely confirm that the seller has used it PERSONALLY, you’re very likely to get a broken 3850 agp card. I know what you’re talking about, but I just needed to add that.

  • Ajaxn

    The whole point of the packaging is to protect the item. As such a box stands a much better chance than this funky skin styled wrapping. Also there’s something to be said for the relative anonymity of the box

  • garrett leonard

    honestly. if this thing is ever produced, law sue is sure to happen. the UPS slogan is trademarked by the UPS corp. and is sure to upset them, unless is it marketed by UPS themselves