Twitch Turbo Launches For $8.99 Per Month

Twitch the awesome video game broadcasting and chat community, that allows you to watch other gamers live streams, together with gaming tournaments and special broadcasts.

Has today launched their new premium members package called Twitch Turbo for $8.99 a month that will provide ad-free viewing together with other features.

Twitch TV Turbo

Starting today around 9:00am PST, you can sign up for Twitch Turbo by visiting the Twitch Turbo webpage, which will provide you with:

– Ad-free Twitch: No pre-rolls, no mid-rolls, no companions, no display ads, and broadcasters still get paid. All you see are front-page takeovers.

– Exclusive Turbo Badge: A way to proudly show the community your passion for Twitch.

– Custom emoticon set: A Choice between the standard set and an all-new set of emoticons to express digital emotions

– Expanded chat colors: The ability to stand out from the crowd with Turbo-only chat colors.

– Priority Customer Support: A way to get into the front of the line when you need help.

“This is just the beginning of what we hope to offer through Twitch Turbo, and we’re looking forward to seeing exactly what sort of benefits and enhancements the community would like to see, from viewers to broadcasters and beyond.”

Source: Tech Crunch : Twitch

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