The Vax Ev, The Worlds First Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

A student at Loughborough University, Jake Tyler has created the world’s first cardboard vacuum cleaner, called the Vax Ev, it has been created in conjunction with vacuum cleaner manufacturer Vax.

Jake Tyler developed the Vax Ev for his final year degree project, and Vax will be releasing a limited production run of this cardboard vacuum cleaner, which is designed to be more environmentally friendly than current vacuum cleaners.

The Vax EV, The Worlds First Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

The Vax ev is a high performance vacuum cleaner constructed for optimum sustainability, using recycled and recyclable materials that reduce the burden on landfill. The corrugated cardboard panels that form the body of the Vax ev are easily replaced if damaged and cost just a tenth of the price of an equivalent plastic panel. They are multi-purpose too, beginning their life as part of the retail box the vacuum cleaner is sold in. Once the cardboard parts are separated from the box, they ‘pop’ into place around the motor housing, without any need for glue.

vax Ev

It certainly looks like a clever idea, although we are not sure how long it would actually last, presumably the cardboard parts would be cheap enough so that they could be replaced easily.

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