The Sprite Raspberry PI Camera Created Using Camera Module

The Robofun website has today revealed details of a new Raspberry PI camera project it has created using a Raspberry PI mini PC available for $35 and the computers camera module which was recently launched.

The team designed the Sprite Raspberry PI camera to be able to store the photos on a USB memory stick, and be powered by a rechargeable battery.

RaspberryPI Camera

The team behind the awesome Sprite Raspberry PI camera explain a little more:

“Taking a basic photo with the Raspberry PI camera is nothing complicated. However, balancing the ISO, exposure and automatic white balance so that you always get nice results IS quite complicated. Remember, we want the camera to be really really simple to use.

After running the script there and evaluating each parameter combination under different lightings and environments, we have decided for a short “sports” exposure, “auto” white balance and a medium ISO value.
Pressing the shutter button just takes a photo and saves it on the memory SD Card. At the same time, it plays a short MP3 “Sprite !” tune as a confirmation for the photo being taken, as below.”

For more information on the new Sprite Raspberry PI camera and how to make your very own jump over to the Robofun website for details.

Raspberry PI Camera

Source: Robofun

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