The Speaker Sound Bar from Sceptre Now Available

Most home theater fans would probably prefer to have a full surround sound system in a room. The problem is that it’s not always practical to have wires running all around your room. If you have an entertainment center, you can always use a standard speaker system and place the speakers on the entertainment center.

However, if you are wall mounting a flat screen TV in don’t have an entertainment center, what you need is a sound bar. Many of the sound bars out there are very expensive running into the hundreds of dollars. Sceptre has a new sound bar that has just launched called The Speaker Sound Bar promising high quality sound at low price.

The sound bar is available now for $169.99. It has two speakers and two subwoofers with the speakers measuring 2.5-inches. Each speaker has 20 W of power and it has dual RCA inputs and a single digital SPDIF input. It also comes with a wall mount kit and remote control.

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