The Lego Kitchen Island

James May’s Lego house didn’t last that long, here is something more permanent made from Lego, a custom Lego Kitchen Island made form over 20,000 Lego bricks.

The Lego Kitchen Island

The Lego Kitchen Island

The Lego Kitchen Island

The Lego Kitchen Island was made by designers Phillippe Simon and Pillard Roessti, who customized their Ikea Kitchen island, by covering it in more that 20,000 Lego pieces.

Very cool, it certainly would be a fun place to have your morning coffee with all those Lego bricks, I bet it took the designers quite some time to put it together.

Ignant Blog via Gear Fuse

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  • Uniblab

    Nice. 20,000 peices is about 5% of my total collection.

    I wonder if these guys have been to any of the LEGO conventions near D.C. (Brickfest and or Chicago ( I’d like to see more of their LEGO work if they have any.

    I have the kitchen timer. That is the yellow face thing which is a large model of a LEGO mini-figure head visible on the far counter of the first picture. Now I want what I’m guessing is a pepper mill next to the timer and featured in the third picture.

    There is also a LEGO mini-fig head shaped cookie jar. It would look good on their counter. Then there are the LEGO cupcake moulds, LEGO ice cube trays, LEGO cookie cutters… (All of which I have, of course.)


    “LEGO is a medium through which imagination is made manifest”

    “There is no such thing as too much LEGO”

  • Alex

    it hurts my eyes to look at. still pretty cool tho!