The Last Of Us Gameplay And Cut Scenes Combined Into 6hr Movie (video)

If you don’t own a Sony PlayStation 3 or just have no plans to play the new Last Of Us game that was recently launched by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and developed by Naughty Dog, but would still like to see the game in action.

You might be interested in this new YouTube video which has been created in the form of a six-hour movie that combines all the cut scenes from the new game together with unhindered gameplay.

Last Of Us

Allowing you to enjoy the game in a cinema style relaxed way without having to lift a single finger to a controller. The Last of Us game created by Naughty Dog received critical acclaim, and perfect scores from many publications.

“Naughty Dog has developed an AI system called “Balance of Power”. This new system allows enemies to react realistically to any combat situation they are placed in by taking cover if they see the player, calling for help if they need it and even taking advantage of the player’s weaknesses, such as when Joel runs out of ammunition, is distracted, or when he is being attacked by other enemies.”

Source: Kotaku

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