SteelSeries Unveils Range Of New Gaming Gear At CES

At CES this week gaming peripheral manufacturer SteelSeries have unveiled a range of new controllers, headsets and mice they have added to their range. New headsets include the SteelSeries Flux and Siberia v2 Frost which have been designed specifically for gamers and provide handy features. The Flux, with is set to start shipping in the second quarter of this year, has been build for gamers on the move and features collapsible ear cup design for easy transport.


The SteelSeries Flux also has cord jacks on either side that allow you to daisy chain headsets together. Enabling more than one person can listen to a single audio source at a time.

The SteelSeries Siberia v2 Frost headset features active noise cancelling, and is an updated version of the Siberia v2, with blue LEDs that can be set to pulse or dim as required. New SteelSeries mice include the Kana, Kinzu v2, and Kinzu v2 Pro. For full details jump over to the SteelSeries website.

Source:  SteelSeries

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