Speakal Outs mi-Soccer iPhone Dock

Speakal has a bunch of strange different iPhone and iPod docks in its line. The one I always think of is the pig one. Another strange new offering has now debuted called the mi-Soccer. This is as you can probably guess an iPhone dock that looks like a soccer ball.

The dock comes in traditional white and black, red and white, and blue and white. The dock is licensed by the MLS organization. The ball has 360-degree sound and has a pair of two-way speakers and a subwoofer built in. It also has an amp with 23W of power.

That should mean the soccer ball has good sound quality. The frequency range is 60Hz-20KHz. The dock will also connect to TVs, CD players and other devices. The volume is touch controlled and it has a remote included for control from across the room. The mi-Soccer is available now for $99.99.

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  • http://amazeline.com/ Carla Styles

    They should have just taken the stands away – now, that’s a soccer ball! Many companies are producing iPhone docks and they’re just getting more and more creative.