Sparrow Mail App Landing On iPhones Next Month

If you use a Mac system you might already be using the great Sparrow mail client, that is available to purchase from the Mac App Store and makes reading and organising your email a much more productive and enjoyable pastime.

Now the developers of the Sparrow email Mac app have announced via the Pando Daily website, that an iPhone version of Sparrow will be arriving next month, mid-March.


Sparrow iPhone App

Other news from the Sparrow team of developers is that they are also working on Android and iPad versions, of the application which are already well under way and should be arriving very soon.

The new iPhone Sparrow application also includes a faster engine powering it which will be, ported to the Android and iPad version and also rolled out across Mac version of Sparrow in the near future. For more information on the new iPhone applications and other developments, jump over to the Pando Daily website.

Source: Pando Daily : TNW

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