Sony’s Latest Gadget Lets Your Cat Use Twitter

Sony has developed a new gadget in conjunction with the University of Tokyo that is designed to be placed around your cats neck, the device then sends information to your computer and updates Twitter to let everyone know what your cat is up to.

The prototype cat tweeting deviceĀ  has a built in camera, an accelerometer, GPS and it will be able to tell when the cat is moving around, eating and sleeping.

Sony's Latest Gadget Lets Your Cat Use Twitter

The data is then relayed to a computer, and then Twitter is updated with various information to let your cats followers know what it is doing, for example, it is possible to automatically post a comment like “This tastes good” when a cat is eating something.

We have no idea why you would want your cat to update what it is doing on Twitter, but I am sure there are some people out there who would probably follow your cat on Twitter.

Tech On via Gizmodo

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  • Auriette

    I have actually considered starting a Twitter account for my cat Kali Malicious (that’s Darth Malicious to you). I know that my husband is not going to let me buy her one of these devices, though. Will you please give one away on Geeky Gadgets, so I can enter, and maybe I can win?

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