Sony PlayStation 4 Costs $381 To Build Reveals Teardown Analysis

Gamers who have just purchased the latest next generation PlayStation 4 console created by Sony might be interested to learn that Sony is making just $18 on each console.

A report published on the All Things D website and created by research firm IHS has revealed that the new PlayStation 4 console costs $381 to build, leaving a profit of around $18 per console for Sony.

PlayStation 4 cost

However this is much better than when Sony launched their PlayStation 3 console which back in 2006 was thought to cost $805 and was sold at a loss for $599 to push their new Blu-ray technology to consumers and get a foot hold in the market. By late 2009, the PlayStation 3 was selling for $299, even though it cost $336 to build.

Andrew Rassweiler, an analyst with IHS in Los Angeles who oversaw the teardown explains: “If Sony could build the PS4 for a lower cost it would do so, but if history is any indicator, it would also lower its retail price,”

Cost within the PlayStation 4 include : 16 individual memory chips in the PS4, costing Sony about $88 with the PS4 processor and the memory costing around $188, nearly half of the total cost of the console. Together with an optical drive for $28, controller for $18 and a hard drive for $37.

To re-cap the Sony PlayStation 4 console is equipped with 8-cores of AMD Jaguar processing power supported by 8GB of GDDR5 RAM together with a next generation AMD Radeon graphics card to process your games graphics. Other features of the next generation PlayStation 4 console include a 500GB storage drive, together with 2 x USB 3.0 ports, and 1 x AUX port, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, and HDMI port.

The new next generation PlayStation 4 console launched on November 15th 2013 in the US and slightly later throughout Europe on November 29th 2013. The Sony PlayStation 4 console is priced at $399, €399, and £349 depending on your location.

For more information on the new PlayStation 4 costs jump over to the All Things D website for details.

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Source: All Things D

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