Sony Launches Earphones With New Zipper Cord Cable Tidy

Sony has just unveiled a new line of earphones that are equipped with a new zipper style cord cable tidy to reduce tangling and knotting.

The new Sony MDR-EX59Z earphones are designed with one of its cables split so the other can slide into it when the small zip style fitting is slide up and down, holding the other cord in place.

Sony MDR-EX59Z

The Sony MDR-EX59Z earphones are available in 5 different colours and feature the 400kJ/m3 high magnetic force neodymium magnet for a boosted bass.


Type: Air-tightness dynamic, Driver unit: Aperture 9mm dome type, Sensitivity: 100dB/mW, Playback frequency zone: 5-23,000Hz, Impedance: 16 ohms, Largest input: 100mW, Cord: 1.2m litz wire,  Input plug: Gold-plating L type stereo mini-plug,  Mass: 3g,

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