Save Your Dusty Cassettes With The Cassette Capture Player

Now that we mentioned it you probably remember that old box where you keep those unused cassettes of the Spice Girls and Elton John. Don’t be ashamed as many people share the same unease over their bygone music tastes. But what’s that? You miss listening to old albums? Totally fine. Here comes the perfect gadget to bring them to digital immortality.

USB cassette

The Cassette Capture, itself reminiscent of an old school Sony walkman, allows the user to play cassettes that are then converted to an mp3 file and saved onto a hard drive. Real simple and it’s got no capacity limits—the genius of cassettes really, so your entire AC/DC back catalogue can be preserved.


Of course, as to why re-recording a cassette is better than simply downloading isn’t a question we’ll tackle. The Cassette Capture’s value rides on nostalgia and personal sensitivity over old music.


The lightweight Cassette Capture comes with a USB cable and a built in program for transferring the files. The real interesting part is the earphone jack, which means the Cassette Capture is a Walkman in all but name.


This is good news for nostalgic die hard music fans. Us too, since we haven’t listened to our cassettes of Prince’s “Purple Rain” for ages. Last: the Cassette Capture is selling for $26 each.



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    Can this device record USB files to tape? That would be more valueble function. Any computer or laptop can do tape to MP3.