Samsung Galaxy S III Rumored To Have Hit 10 Million Units Pre-ordered

We know that the Samsung Galaxy S III is coming over the next couple of months, although we haven’t had an announcement from Samsung as yet, and now according to Eldar Murtzain, there have already been 10 million Samsung Galaxy S III handsets pre-ordered.

Of course the device haven’t been ordered by customers, instead the mobile carriers are rumored to have ordered 10 million units of the Galaxy S III from Samsung.

Galaxy S III

@janole it is. In comparisson with 10 mln preorders for sgs3

If the various mobile carriers have ordered this many units of the Galaxy S III from Samsung then they are obviously expecting high demand for the handset.

It took Samsung five months to sell 10 million Galaxy S II smartphones, so the mobile carriers are obviously expecting to sell that many units in the first couple of months.

We are expecting the new Samsung Galaxy S III to be a very popular Android smartphone and it could end up being the most popular Android device this year depending on when it goes on sale.

Source Into Mobile

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