Rotor Digital Camera Concept, Replaces Buttons With Dials

An innovative concept camera design has been created by French designer Charlie Nghiem which has no buttons to navigate its features with but uses a stack of dials positioned on the right hand side to allow you to select the modes and features you would like to use.

When you spin any dial a settings menu appears on the LCD display screen on the back of the camera, providing easy reference and selection. The dial stack also provides an easy visual key so you can easily see exactly which modes you are using at any given time.

rotor camera

Personally I think the dials are a great idea, I have never really liked using tiny buttons to navigate menus on compact cameras and being able to see the selected modes and features at a glance is another bonus.

Unfortunately the Rotor camera is still just a concept at the moment but fingers crossed it might make the jump from concept to production in the near future.

Source: Charlie Nghiem : Design Boom : Oh Gizmo

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