Record Speeds for Wireless Internet

The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics and the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology set a new record for wireless communication speed, sending 40 Gbits/s at 240 GHz over a kilometer. For a world society so deeply “jacked in”, this means that the current trend of increasingly quicker and more stable wireless  internet is set to continue.

To put into perspective just how fast that is, at 40 Gbits/s you could download an entire Bluray DVD in under a second with plenty of bandwidth left to spare. The fact that such a connection is possible wirelessly makes the idea of faster broadband connections in more rural areas a real possibility.

Wireless Internet

Right now someone living in a remote countryside would have to get a satellite dish internet plan in order to equip their place of residence with the internet. The fiber optic cables needed to run internet out so far would be rather costly and inefficient. Unfortunately, satellite and other wireless internet options have been lacking greatly in speed – until now.

It’ll still be a while before the equipment is put to more practical use and made available for Average Joe consumers, but at least it’s a step in the right direction.

Source – ScienceDaily

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