Raspberry Pi Honeypot Network Security Device Created By Arizona Student

Raspberry Pi

University of Arizona student Nathan Yee has created a network Honeypot device using a Raspberry Pi which can be used to keep your networks secure from intruders enabling you to see when an unwanted guest has arrived.

A Honeypot device is a trap set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorised access to networks and pretends to be a system on the network but is actually isolated and monitored and is actually bait to entice a would be hacker to the honeypot device.

Nathan has created the Raspberry Pi honeypot by deploying Dionaea on a Raspberry Pi using MHN and has released full instruction son how to do this, for you to create your very own.

“Organisations typically focus on monitoring inbound and outbound network traffic via firewalls, yet ignore internal network traffic due to the complexity involved,”-“By running honeypots on our internal network, we are able to detect anomalous events.

We gain awareness and insight into our network when network hosts interact with a Raspberry Pi honeypot sensor.”-“… activity on the Raspberry Pi is usually indicative of something roaming around our network and a possible security breach.”

For more information on the new Rasperry Pi honeypot project jump over to the GitHub website for details and full instructions and downloads.

Source: Register

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