Raspberry PI $35 Computer Launches

The Raspberry PI has finally gone on sale, and the model version which costs $35 is now available to buy online, and the model B version comes with an Ethernet port and 2 USB ports.

The Raspberry PI  team have also announced that the $25 model has been changed slightly and will now come with 256MB although this model won’t be available yet.

Raspberry PI

Six years after the project’s inception, we’re nearly at the end of our first run of development – although it’s just the beginning of the Raspberry Pi story. Now we start developing educational tools and initiatives, at the same time as continuing research and development on Raspberry Pi hardware.

It looks like you may have wait a while though to get your hands on one as one of the retailers has it listed with a 30 day wait and the other is letting you register your interest in the device.

Source Raspberry PI

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