Project Shield, Nvidia Reveals How It Was Built

Anyone waiting for the highly anticipated launch of the new Project Shield handheld game system that has been created by Nvidia, might be interested in a new article published today by Nvidia that reveals how the Project Shield portable console was built.

Nvidia’s Project Shield  is equipped with a 72-core NVIDIA GeForce GPU Quad-core A15 processor and has been designed as a pure Android device.

Project Shield

That will allow you play both Android and PC games. PC games can be downloaded from Steam or streamed from your PC to the gaming console, and Android games can be downloaded from Google Play.

The story behind Project SHIELD is a tale of an idea as much as it is of a product. Jen-Hsun — NVIDIA’s intense, motorcycle-jacket clad leader calls that idea ‘speed of light’ (or ‘speedolight’ as he says it). The notion isn’t to hit impossible deadlines fueled by adrenaline and fried chicken grease. It’s to understand the limits of what can be done and work within only those basic constraints.”

“And rather than building special software — and cultivating a walled-garden of proprietary gaming content — NVIDIA opened its device up. SHIELD runs on the same Android software now powering millions of Tegra devices. Plus it can stream games from the tens of millions of PCs built with NVIDIA’s GPUs.”

For the full story of how Nvidia’s new Project Shield has been created jump over to the Nvidia website

Source: Nvidia : Project Shield

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