Polamatic Makes Your Android Pictures Look like Old-School Instant Photos

There are plenty of applications out there that add various filters to photographs that you take on your smartphone. Polaroid has a new application called Polamatic that is made specifically for Android users that adds some retro touch to the photos you take with your Android smartphone, and it is available as of right now. The app is on Google Play and has 36 different borders that you can apply to your photographs.


One of those borders is the classic white frame that anyone who grew up in the 80s will recognize straightaway as a border around a normal Polaroid instant photograph. The app also has 20 different filters to add artistic flair to your photographs. It also allows you to write directly on photographs and captions with 24 different fonts to choose from.

Once you apply the border, filter, and the writing you like to the photograph, you can upload the photo to various social sites such as Facebook and Twitter among others. You can also e-mail the photograph to other users. The app allows you to control the flash, grid, and use the front or rear camera on your smartphone. The app is available now for $1.99.

via Engadget

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