PaperPhone Flexible E-Ink Prototype (video)

Researchers from Queen’s University in Ontario Canada have taken the term ‘flexible phone’ literally and create a super slim bendable touch screen phone using ductile e-ink display and elastic electronic underpinnings.

The PaperPhone is the world’s first next generation, thin film smartphone and interactive paper computer. Which uses a flexible electrophoretic (E Ink) display that will not use any power useless the device is refreshed.


The PaperPhone is enabled with much of what  a traditional smartphone can do, such as making calls, storing books and playing music all using a flexible 9.5 cm diagonal thin film e-ink display.

The PaperPhone prototype is navigated by curling the corners of the device with your fingers using its Thinfilm sensors. Which allows users to play or pause mp3s, make phone calls, or navigate apps simply by curling the corner.

“The invention heralds a new generation of computers that are super lightweight, thin-film and flexible. they use no power when nobody is interacting with them. when users are reading, they don’t feel like they’re holding a sheet of glass or metal”

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    how much will it cost thought