Panasonic Apple AirPlay Speaker Uses Nano Bamboo Technology

Panasonic has added a new Apple Airplay speaker to their range this week in the form of the Panasonic SC-AP01 which is equipped with Nano Bamboo Technology.

The ultra thin Airplay speaker measures just 59mm thick, and 430 x 128mm long and wide. The Nano Bamboo Technology used in the new Panasonic SC-AP01 utilises bamboo fibers to create high quality sound from renewable materials.

Panasonic SC-AP01

The Nano Bamboo Technology allows the speaker to create direct vocal sound that produces a three-dimensional sound fields, enabling listeners to hear clear vocals and instruments wherever they maybe standing within the room. The new Panasonic SC-AP01 is expected to launch on April 20th.

Unfortunately no information on pricing, has been released as yet by Panasonic, but as soon as information is released we will keep you updated as always.

Panasonic SC-AP01

Source: Slashgear

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