Pad Dock Turns Your iPhone Into An iPad

If you don’t fancy shelling out your hard earned cash for one of Apple’s new iPads, and already own an iPhone or an iPod Touch, then why not get one of these Pad Dock’s which will convert your iPhone into an iPad.

You can dock your iPhone or iPod Touch with the Pad Dock and it will automatically magnify the screen, turning it into an iPad, the best part is it costs a lot less than an iPad.

Pad Dock Turns Your iPhone Into An iPad

Using a touch-screen magnifier, your iPhone screen is enlarged to the exact dimensions of an iPad. Most of the features that the iPad boasts about are on the iPhone anyway, so it only makes good sense to simply enlarge it. And, unlike the iPad, you can actually answer and make calls. Technology, eh?

If you want one, the Pad Dock is available for £89.99 about $135 from IWOOT, we have just ordered one for the Geeky Gadgets office, great idea it will save us from having to buy an iPad.

via Gizmodo

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  • sara

    need the price for that

  • marty

    you know this is an april fools prank?

  • Roland Hutchinson

    Hi Marty

    Thanks for your comment. Yeah we know it is an April fools prank :)

  • Tony Karakashian

    Sad part is, if this is what the iPad had actually been, I would’ve been first in line. I would’ve even paid the $600 premium for it. I already have everything I want and need in my iPhone…except a larger screen.

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  • Rain

    I like the idea, so sad it’s fake.

  • Tienngoc Lh

    I am in Viet Nam.
    How and where can i buy this?

  • Tien Ngoc

    I want to buy this!
    Where can i buy ?I am in Viet Nam now, Please help,
    So many thanks ~ ~ ~

  • Roland Hutchinson

     Hi Tien

    Unfortunately it was an April fools joke and not a real product, so they are not for sale.