Opera Browser Passes 300 Million User Milestone, Moves To WebKit

Opera has today announced that their browser has now passed its 300 million active user milestone, and on top of this the browser will be moving to a completely new rendering engine.

Opera has revealed this week that their browser  will make the move from Presto to WebKit as the engine at the core of the browser, enabling Opera to focus more on user experience in the future.


Haavard explains on the Opera site: “Although I was skeptical at first when I started hearing about the switch, I am now fully convinced that it is the right thing to do. Not only will it free up significant engineering resources at Opera and allow us to do more innovation instead of constantly trying to adapt to the web, but our users should benefit from better site compatibility and more innovative features and polish.”

“The WebKit engine is already very good, and we aim to take part in making it even better. It supports the standards we care about, and it has the performance we need,” says CTO of Opera Software, Håkon Wium Lie. “It makes more sense to have our experts working with the open source communities to further improve WebKit and Chromium, rather than developing our own rendering engine further. Opera will contribute to the WebKit and Chromium projects, and we have already submitted our first set of patches: to improve multi-column layout.”

For more information on the new change to WebKit jump over to the Opera website for details. Opera will also be showcasing their new Opera browser for Android, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month, and as always we will keep you posted as more news is released.

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