One Days Worth Of Flickr Images Transformed Into Artistic Installation

Artisit and photographer Erik Kessels has used one days worth of Flickr uploads to create an artistic installation as part of an exhibition at Foam in Amsterdam that looks at the future of photography.

The installation includes over a million photo prints which Kessels used to visualises ‘drowning in pictures of the experiences of others’, by printing all the images that were posted on Flickr during a 24-hour period and dumping them in the exhibition space.

Erik Kessels

Kessels explains:

“We’re exposed to an overload of images nowadays,” – “This glut is in large part the result of image-sharing sites like Flickr, networking sites like Facebook, and picture-based search engines. Their content mingles public and private, with the very personal being openly and un-selfconsciously displayed. By printing all the images uploaded in a 24-hour period, I visualise the feeling of drowning in representations of other peoples’ experiences.”

Source: Foam : CreativeReview : Gizmodo

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