Oh The Humanity! Hilarious Water Jet Pack Fail Leaves You In Stitches (Video)

The setting is a Fox 5 San Diego morning newscast featuring this dude on a water-powered jetpack. The good stuff happens at the 0:08 mark when the expected aero-stunt gets off to a lousy start. How lousy? You’ll have to watch it yerself. See the video after the jump.

Water jetpack

Here it is!



But like all true adventurers, not even a surprise submersion could dampen his spirit. See him soar!


The best part for us was when it cued to the studio anchors, who both looked like they could hardly get a word out. Priceless.


The water jetpack is cool by the way. Looks fun to use. It does look familiar, however. * Checks Geeky Gadgets archives*


Aha! If we’re not mistaken, the grinning fail guy is strapped onto a variant of the JetLev¬†that first came to our attention earlier this year.





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