Nokia Lumia With 41 Megapixel Camera Coming At MWC 2013 (Rumor)

Last year at Mobile World Congress Nokia introduced their PureView 808 smartphone, which ran Symbian, and Nokia have previoulsy said that they would launch a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device with their PureView camera technology.

We have been hearing rumors over the last few week that Nokia will be announcing a Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphone with their PureView technology at this months Mobile World Congress.

nokia pureview

Now according to a recent report by The Guardian, this new Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphone from Nokia will feature Nokia’s 41 megapixel sensor that was launched in their Symbian handset last year.

It will be interesting to see what Nokia’s new Lumia smartphone with Windows Phone 8 and their PureView 41 megapixel camera is like, we suspect it could end up being a popular handset for the company.

Source The Guardian

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