Nokia HERE Maps For Android Launches On Samsung Galaxy Range

nokia here maps

Nokia has announced the launch of HERE maps for Google’s Android platform, the app will be available as a free download, but it will only be available for Samsung’s Galaxy range of handsets at launch.

Nokia HERE maps will also be available for the new Samsung Gear S Smartwatch that was announced yesterday, which runs Tizen, when the device launches later in the year.

HERE for Android is a free app with fresh maps that truly keeps working even without an Internet connection: your location will be still found via GPS, and browsing the map, searching for places and offline navigation will also keep working, even if you’re not connected.

Forget cumbersome caching of small areas and enjoy the possibility of downloading entire countries or regions.

Can’t search for places or plan routes with your other map when Internet coverage is spotty or unavailable? No worries, HERE has you covered with full map functionality available offline, like when you’re underground or in rural areas.

You can find out more information about Nokia HERE maps at the link below, there are no details on whether it will be available for other Android devices in the future.

Source Nokia

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