Noisezero O+ Eco Edition Eco-friendly Over-ear Headphones

A new line of eco-friendly over-ear headphones have been designed in a joint venture between EOps, British designer Michael Young, and online retailer Colette. Who have created the World’s first recyclable material designer over-ear headphones in the form of the new Noisezero O+ Eco edition headphones

Noisezero O+ Eco headphones have been constructed using recyclable stainless steel, aluminium and cornstarch bio-plastics, and are equipped with 50mm Titanium drivers with neodymium iron boron magnets.

Noisezero O Eco Edition Headphones

Their creators explain a little about the headphones design:

“The Titanium coated high rigidity driver diaphragm eliminates unwanted vibration for sound supremacy. The internal double bass reflex chamber design and tuned bass port produce super strong bass, while its balanced air pressure tuned treble ports provide extra clear treble.”

They are also fitted with soft genuine sheep leather ear pads, and the microphone and remote module on the headphones cable is the fully Apple approved three-button version. Letting you control playback as well as volume level for the latest iPhone, iPad and iPod.

The EOps Noisezero O+ Eco headphones are available in either gold and anthracite, and are $158 from the Colette website.

Source: Chip Chick

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