Nike TurboSpeed Suit, Golf Ball Inspired Running Outfit Unveiled

Nike has unveiled a new running suit called the Nike TurboSpeed Suit which has been inspired by the aerodynamic design of golf balls. Nike claims that the technology used in the new Nike TurboSpeed Suit is capable of shaving off 0.23 seconds over a 100 metre sprint.

Nike TurboSpeed Suit

Which could be just enough for the Nike sponsored U.S. champion Walter Dix, to beat the Jamaican Usain Bolt, who is sponsored by Puma. In the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London later this year.

The Nike TurboSpeed Suit is made from 82 per cent recycled polyester fabric, and uses 13 recycled plastic bottles per suit, making it environmentally friendly as well.

Source: Oh Gizmo

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